We supply three types of material – Natural stone (Granite and Marble), manmade Quartz and manmade Ceramic.

Natural stone has been used throughout the centuries for is unrivalled aesthetic and physical properties, it takes millions of years to form, every piece is unique and will add individuality to its surroundings.


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Granite is a quartz based natural stone suitable for kitchen worktops. It is far harder than marble and has a glassy finish when polished. It is easily maintained and is scratch resistant, making it very hygienic and a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Granite is available in three surface finishes, Polished, leather and Antico.


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Marble, limestone, Onyx yorkstone and slate are all softer than granite and have a variety of uses. Marble and limestone have a softer look and less robust properties than granite making them a better choice for bathrooms. Onyx polishes to a glassy finish and comes in stunning colours and patterns it is very popular as a low wear feature material. Yorkstone and slate and portland are traditional materials for stone steps, window sills, fire hearths and other architectural uses.


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Quartz Surfaces are man made using 94% Quartz and 6% resin. They have become a very popular choice for kitchen worktops. Their physical properties are similar to granite but they are very uniform in colour and structure, come in lots of on-trend colours, a variety of surface finishes and are available in large slab sizes up to 3.27M long. We can supply quartz sufaces from any manufacturer.


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Ceramic Surfaces also known as sintered surfaces are very new to the UK market. They are created by combining huge amounts of pressure and heat to natural ceramic particles and offer the most heat and scratch resistant properties of any surface currently available as well as slab sizes up to 3.6 long. We can supply ceramic worktops from any manufacturer.

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