Ceramic samples

Ceramic worktops are also known as sintered surfaces. They are man-made from natural materials by combining intense heat and pressure to bond a powdered mixture of sand, clay and natural pigments to form the most heat and scratch resistant worktop surface currently available. They are the result of an advanced technology and are the newest addition to the UK’s surfaces market.

Ceramic surfaces can be used for Kitchen worktops as well as on the wall and floor, available in slabs up to 3.6M long allowing for long lengths without joins. Ceramic worktops combine a beautiful, natural look and feel with unrivalled and exceptional practical properties.

There are three main manufacturers of ceramic surfaces Dekton from Cosentino in Spain, Lapitec and Neolith from Italy. We are able to fabricate all three, as well as some of the less well known makes of ceramic surfaces. We stock a wide range of ceramic, including the samples shown below – if you don’t see the ceramic you want below then contact us and we’ll find it for you.

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Dekton Ceramic samples

Lapitec Ceramic samples

Neolith Ceramic samples